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The concept of talent and talent, and reasonable care for the talent, the development of human talent, retain talent, enhance the guiding ideology and values of the talent. Man proposes, God disposes also of people. Competition among enterprises today, in the final analysis, is a talent competition. Establish what the concept of talent, and what kind of person, related to the success or failure of enterprises.

Talent Concept fuzzy greatest harm that led to the discontinuity of the company's personnel policies. Because there is no clear concept of talent, the company's personnel policy will be because of small changes in internal or external environment changes, and the company's employees do not know how should do is right, the end result is the standard of business conduct diversity and variability, leading to excessive invalid behavior of employees, affects the human resources into full play.

Joined permanently Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., a full brilliance, the value of life, sharing the joy of success.

Permanent Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. adhering to the "talent of the enterprise, the enterprise is the talent boat" thinking, is committed to create a harmonious, happy, inspired, passionate work environment for employees, and provides a fully display their talents, to achieve self-worth on the big stage. We are working to implement merit-based personnel to rely on talent, training, motivating personnel and respect for the human resources strategy talent, by constantly creating opportunities for personal development, all kinds of talents has to show in order to achieve the value of their own environment and opportunities. To this end, we have a mechanism to implement a pragmatic policy of talent, truly the cause of keeping the culture to keep people in order to keep people treatment to the environment to keep people to the mechanism to keep people. We advocate a better work attitude, diligent and pragmatic work style, team spirit of harmony and unity. In the company, you can feel the vibrant, united and progressive work atmosphere, you can see the feet on the Department, diligent work, sought-after employees can enjoy you create your own magnificent to share the glory of the company.


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