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4-72 B4-72 F3-72 Centrifugal Fan
Description :

4-27-Centrifugal fan can air transportation and other natural and harmless to the human body, the corrosion of steel with gas. Gas is not allowed within the viscous substances contained in dust and hard particles less than 150 mg/33. Gas temperature must not exceed 80 ° C. The fan has a good aerodynamic performance, the impeller, the pulley are strictly static and dynamic balance Correction, the operating balance, vibration small, high efficiency, long life and other characteristics. Miners widely applicable to enterprises, large buildings, hotel restaurants and other indoor ventilation exhaust. 4-72 four-way rotation: A straight-to the electrical transmission; B-belt for the middle of the two support points transmission; C-through for the electrical transmission belt bearing me; D-through for the electrical box bearing coupling Drive. NO2.8 ~ 6-A drive by; NO8 ~ 12 by C, D-drive; NO16-20-B transmission used.
B4-72 for Ex-Centrifugal Fan Ye of mainly aluminum, cases, into the outlet, and other parts of the explosion-proof electrical components, as a volatile flammable gas ventilation purposes, the performance and size with the foundation 4-72-in.
F4-72 to prevent the corrosion of the main centrifugal fan of stainless steel (or FRP) materials made of the theory, cases, into the outlet, and other parts of the electrical components and can be used to transport corrosive gases, performance and size with the foundation to 4 -72-Type.

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