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SWF-1-Francis Fan
Description :

SWF-1-Francis is a fan-and centrifugal and axial fans and between fans and the length of the two new fan, the air pressure than the same plane, axial fans, its traffic than the same plane, the centrifugal fan , Is an efficient wide area, high efficiency advantages. The design of a fan motor in the impeller straight drive, compact, the same wind pressure, the flow of circumstances than axial fans or centrifugal fan small size, small space, can be directly connected with Hair Dryers, the level of installation or vertical installation, Directly on the wall can be installed on or stent, with the installation, operation, maintenance of the strong points are very convenient. The flat wind pressure, the wind condition of A-level may be lower than the 2-3 dB (A), in reducing the availability of high speed traffic and air pressure. The fans are widely used in office buildings, hotels and other large-scale senior civil exhaust ventilation systems, can also be used for cold storage, industrial and mining enterprises in the textile, such as ventilation, to replace the high-pressure or low pressure centrifugal fan axial fans and without installing a large number of Muffler facilities.


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