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SJG-pipe ramp-flow fan
Description :

SJG Series ramp-flow pipeline fan a new model. On its leaves for the deformation of Axial fan, air currents along the leaf-shaped center for the scattering, and to tilt the direction of airflow. Features: in the same plane, in comparison, traffic more than centrifugal fan; higher than the total pressure axial flow fan; smaller than centrifugal fan, a broad area efficient operation, low noise, an area of small, easy installation Advantages. To fan does not affect pipeline layout and pipelines to, the most appropriate channel for direct compression and sent to exhaust. For a small room space, in particular, shows the superiority of its compact structure. SJG-based products were widely used in mining enterprises, hotels, restaurants, museums, sports centres, high-rise buildings, such as ventilation places.

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