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T35-11 B35-11 FT35-11-Axial Fan
Description :

T35-11-Axial Fan is 30 K4 alternative products, T35 and T40 of similar foreign products have been compared by model-level pilot study identified the fan and airfoil Cylindrical round structure, the electrical has improved the design, structure Reduce the flow of losses, thereby improving the efficiency of fans to 89.5 percent, noise A sound level lower than 3.6 dB. And strengthen the root of the strength, to avoid the blade fracture phenomenon, the series is a fan of the fan energy group in 1985 Joint design products.
Fans of the series applies to transfer non-flammable, explosive, no corrosion, no significant dust of gas, the temperature should not exceed 60 ° C. Is widely applicable to the general factories, warehouses, offices, residential, ventilation or heating-cooling purposes, but also in the longer term the exhaust pipe installation within the next series, to increase the pressure within the pipeline, but also to unload cases Free fan used.
BT35-11 for Ex-axial fan, can be used as flammable, explosive gases, such as playing the ventilation purposes. Their performance parameters in line with the T35-11.
FT35-11 for the preservation of Axial Fan, can be used to transport corrosive gas. Their performance parameters in line with the T35-11.

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